DenMarc Westies

DenMarc Westies


      Your answers to these questions help us determine the best homes for our Westies, and the best Westie for your Family.

      By applying for the adoption of a Westie from DenMarc Westies, you hereby give your Veterinarian(s) and other references permission to disclose information to DenMarc Westies.

      Signature is implied and assumed on e-mail & online Applications to Adopt. If you print and mail, you must print name and sign.

      All questions need to be answered to be accepted.


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Do You Live in: House Apt. Trailer Other*explain*

Do You: Own Rent

Previous Address

Do you have a fenced yard?

Kennel run?

Describe fencing

Kennel size?

If no, how will exercise/toilet be handled?

How many adults in house? Children? Ages:

Are there any family members who need special consideration for any reason?

Please explain:

Do you own any other dogs? Are they fixed?

Breed(s) of Other Dogs:

Age(s) of other dogs:

Any other pets/livestock? List any type and age.

Who is your current veterinarian?



Name and phone number of any other veterinarians you have used:

Name and phone number of any Groomers you have used:

How many dogs have you owned in the last 5 years? Breeds:

What happened to your last dog?

Have you owned a Westie before?

What happened to it/them?

Why do you want a Westie?

What are your plans for this dog? Pet, Guard, Hunting, Obed, Other: pet, possible obedience show

Do you want: Male Female Doesn't matter

Your age preferences: Under 1 year 1 to 3 yrs 3 to 5 years Over 5 years

Where will dog spend most of each day?

Where will dog sleep?

How many hours will dog be alone each day?

Would you be willing to spay/neuter?

Will you keep current licence and ID tags on dog at all times?

Will you provide timely health care for dog?

Your thoughts on Obedience Training Classes.

Will you return dog to DenMarc Westies, if you can no longer keep or care for dog?

Will you allow DenMarc Westies agent to visit your home prior to or after adoption?

Further comments and info that you think might help us find the right Westie for you, including more about your preferences and reasons for wanting a Westie:




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